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You must visit Snowbasin Resort for an extraordinary skiing experience. The landscape is breathtaking, the food is unparalleled, and even the restrooms have received prestigious recognition.

Discover these six hidden gems of Snowbasin that will ensure your mountain experience is unforgettable and distinct from any other.

1. Discover the latest innovation in ski lift technology – the Demoisy Express.

Snowbasin is increasing its extensive terrain access this year by introducing the DeMoisy Express lift, which can accommodate up to six people. The lift will be situated in the Strawberry section of the resort, close to the bottom terminal of the Strawberry Gondola. Its upper terminal will be positioned above Dan’s Run.

The DeMoisy Express lift is designed to enhance the skiing experience by increasing uphill capacity, offering more skiing options, and providing faster access to the terrain. With a journey time of approximately ten minutes from bottom to top, it’s a speedy way to enjoy the slopes.

2. Elevate Your Skiing Dining Experience

Snowbasin offers a range of delectable dining choices that will make you feel like a star during your idyllic skiing getaway.

For those seeking breathtaking vistas of the mountains, make your way to Earl’s Lodge and secure a spot by the window. As you unwind after your skiing adventures, skilled chefs put in their efforts to create delectable dishes using the finest available ingredients.

To fully enjoy an authentic apr├Ęs experience with added indulgence make sure to secure a place in Cinnabar, a section of Snowbasin that is so aesthetically pleasing that some mistake it for a members-only club. The brussels sprouts are incredibly delicious, and the live music and atmosphere after the ski lifts stop operating will keep you thoroughly entertained.

3. Embrace the Retro Vibe and Discover

The benefits of Snowbasin’s layout are that it’s challenging to get disoriented, with everything leading to the central plaza outside Earl’s Lodge. However, the flip side is that the line for the Needles Gondola can become congested on busy days. In such cases, utilize the lesser-known chairlifts around the mountain that rarely have lines, and enjoy countless runs on Porcupine, Middle Bowl, Wildcat, and Becker.

4. Experience skiing, snowboarding, or ice-skating on an Olympic track.

The Snowbasin resort’s Allen Peak Tram offers access to the utmost elevation, providing breathtaking panoramic views of surrounding states – Idaho to the north, Wyoming to the east, Utah below, and Nevada to the west. The terrain at the summit is designated for seasoned skiers and riders, having served as the venue for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games’ Downhill events. Even if you’re not skilled enough to navigate the challenging terrain, the tram ride to the top is still worthwhile for the spectacular vantage point, and you can conveniently ride the tram back down to the John Paul Lodge to share your experience on social media.

5. Experience Finest Ski Bathroom Amenities

Snowbasin’s restrooms have received recognition on a global scale and have been nominated for awards. Yes, it’s true!

At this resort, you’ll find bathrooms that are not only spotless but also boast a touch of elegance, setting them apart from those at other ski resorts. With granite countertops and wood accents, they offer a refined bathroom experience that will make you feel pampered and indulged.

Pause for a moment to appreciate the flooring, cubicles, elegant light fixtures, and other elements of the restroom.All while wearing your ski and snowboard boots and gloves!

6. Ski Bus: The Convenient Way to the Slopes

Forget about driving and dealing with the inconvenience of climbing snowy and icy stairs to reach the base area. Instead, take the affordable and eco-friendly Ski Bus to Snowbasin. With multiple departures throughout the day, Bus 675 conveniently connects Snowbasin Resort to Ogden, while Bus 677 takes you from Snowbasin Resort to the Layton FrontRunner Station. Both park and ride locations are also conveniently located just 2 miles from both Madison Place and Lincoln Sky Landing!

From December onwards, those who hold season passes or are employed by the resort can purchase a special pass at a discounted rate, granting them unlimited access to rides throughout the winter season. Non-pass holders have the option to pay $5 for a single ride or $10 for a round-trip ticket. This offer is available at the Meadow Yurt.


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