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Nestled in the heart of Ogden, Utah, the Ben Lomond Hotel, formerly known as the Bigelow Hotel, stands as a testament to timeless elegance and rich history. Constructed in 1927, this iconic establishment has witnessed the ebb and flow of Ogden’s vibrant history, from its days as a bustling hub for travelers to its current role as a luxurious apartment complex. With its stunning Italian Renaissance Revival architecture and storied past, the hotel has always been a landmark of sophistication and grandeur.

Tonight, the historic Ben Lomond Hotel celebrates the grand reopening of its event space, promising a night of elegance and nostalgia. This newly renovated space combines the building’s classic charm with modern amenities, making it the perfect venue for weddings, corporate events, and social gatherings.

Come celebrate tonight as we honor the legacy of the Ben Lomond Hotel and unveil its stunning new event space. Experience the grandeur of the past and the promise of the future in a setting that has been a cornerstone of Ogden for nearly a century. The evening will feature live music, delectable cuisine, and a chance to explore the beautifully restored rooms that echo the opulence of a bygone era.

A Glimpse into History

The Ben Lomond Hotel was originally opened as the Bigelow Hotel, named after prominent banker Archie P. Bigelow. It quickly gained a reputation as one of Utah’s “grand hotels,” along with the now-demolished Newhouse Hotel and the former Hotel Utah. Over the years, it has hosted numerous notable events, including the 1928 Western Democrats convention, which played a significant role in the presidential campaign of Alfred E. Smith.

Designed by the esteemed architectural firm Hodgson & McClenahan, the hotel’s interior boasts an array of themed rooms, each reflecting a unique cultural influence. From the Arabic-style coffee shop to the Florentine Palace ballroom, the hotel exudes a cosmopolitan charm that has captivated guests for decades.

Tonight’s Celebration

As we gather to celebrate the reopening, guests will have the opportunity to tour the newly renovated spaces, including the grand ballroom and elegant meeting rooms. The event promises an enchanting evening filled with live entertainment, exquisite food, and a toast to the enduring legacy of the Ben Lomond Hotel.

Join us in celebrating the past, present, and future of this historic gem. Whether you’re a long-time resident of Ogden or a visitor discovering the city’s rich heritage for the first time, tonight’s event at the Ben Lomond Hotel is an occasion not to be missed.

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